Paintings by Taka Sumi-e Society's Shihan Students

Friends of Taka Sumi-e

is an art-based society in San Diego, California, dedicated to studying and sharing the art of Japanese style sumi-e brush painting.

The society was founded

in 2002 and currently has

70 members.


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The society’s founder and guiding light is Takashi Ryuho Ijichi, long-time San Diego Community College art instructor and a leading figure in  San Diego’s Japanese cultural community.  With the semi-retirement of Sensei Takashi in 2017, our San Diego Community College teachers are Iris Lowe-Reiss and Michiyo Kirkpatrick.

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MICHIYO KIRKPATRICK:  Michiyo teaches free classes online. Contact her at mkirkpatrick@sdccd.edu

For class dates, times and locations for each instructor's classes, Click HERE.


Tricia is leading this workshop on Masks. 

This will be a remote workshop, using the Society's Zoom link.

See the July Newsletter for more details. 

Pictures for the Workshop are available here, if you did not receive them with your Newsletter e-mail.


TAKASHI IJICHI:  Takashi  Sensei is teaching his classes online at their regular time through ZOOM.  If you haven’t been contacted by him, please reach out to him at takashiijichi@mail.com for more information.  You will need to install ZOOM on your computer, tablet or phone.


TATSUKO SANDIN:  Tatsuko Sensei is teaching her classes through email.  You should have received an email from her by now.  If not, please reach out to her at ttsandin@att.net 


IRIS LOWE-REISS:  Iris is teaching 2 Summer classes online.  If you have not been contacted by her, please reach out to her at drilowe@gmail.com


MICHIYO KIRKPATRICK:  Michiyo teaches free classes online. Contact her at mkirkpatrick@sdccd.edu


For class dates, times and locations for each instructor's classes, Click HERE.


Friends of Takasumi-e Society newsletters are now available on this site.  See the Newsletter page under the Events and Meetings menu item.

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New Wet Stretching Instructions

Cliff Brown's Wet Stretching Instructions document and a two part video demonstration are now available on this site.  See the Wet Stretching page under the How To... menu item.

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Friends of Takasumi-e Society membership details can be found on the Society Info & Workshops page under the Events & Meetings menu item.  This includes the Society's Membership Registration Form.  

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BOOKS (New PDF eBooks)

The Books tab has been updated to display all 10 of Cliff Brown's PDF eBooks Collection, including his newly added "Realm of Clouds".  This is his June 2019 thirty day challenge to become a “sumi-e scientist” and engage in a technical study of the application of sumi-e to painting clouds.

To view "Realm of Clouds", Click HERE.

To see all of Cliff's eBooks, Select the Books tab.



A new Tuesday Painters Gallery page has been added under the Art Galleries menu item.  We collected paintings made between 2013 and this year.  Please take a look at these very creative paintings and let us know if there is value in this approach, and what other subjects should be included with their own Gallery page.

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Workshops are held on the first Saturday of each month. 


To access the 2020 Workshop Schedule, located at the bottom of the Society Information & Workshops page, Click HERE.


Tuesday Painters is a group of FOT members and sumi-e students who meet to paint outdoors.  The informal group meets the 1st, 3rd, 4th and any 5th Tuesdays of each month from 9 am until noon.  If you'd like to join in with the Tuesday Painters, contact Gaye Lingley takasumiesociety@gmail.com


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Kinu-e Kai is the Friends of Taka Sumi-e silk painting group.  The groups meets monthly at Leucadia Pizza in University City (near the Costa Verde and UTC shopping centers).  If you have questions contact Stephanie Mast, finmanhamster01@yahoo.com


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To contact Friends of Taka Sumi-e email takasumiesociety@gmail.com or call 858 336-1565.


Visit our Facebook Group: Friends of Taka Sumi-e


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