Books and Publications


One of FOT’s most active members, Cliff Brown has invited members and painters to view online PDF eBooks he has created of brush paintings.  The subjects include:

  • 2020 Plein Air      (Tuesday Painters samples - San Diego 2017 to 2020)

  • Backyard 2018    (Welcome to my Backyard)

  • Clouds 2019        (Realm of Clouds - 2019 Thirty Day Challenge)

  • Hokusai in Edo 2016  (2016 Thirty Day Challenge)

  • Kauai 2021

  • Portraits 2015      (Nineteen Days of Portraits)

  • San Diego 2015   (Plein Air San Diego 2015)

  • Sketchbook 2019 (November 2019 Thirty Day Challenge)

  • Sumi-e Dreams 2018 (2018 Thirty Day Challenge)

  • Sumi-e Hands 2021 (2021 Thirty Day Challenge)

  • Sumi-e Forest 2017   (2017 Thirty Day Challenge)

  • Tortoise 2016         (Thirty Days of California Desert Tortoise - 2016 Challenge)

  • Wu Guanzhong 2017 (Cliff's 2017 Thirty Day Challenge)

  • Yosemite 2019

  • Yosemite 2021


Cliff has just added "Sumi-e Hands 2021" to his PDF eBooks collection.  This is his June 2021 Thirty Day Challenge to draw and paint hands with sumi ink.

Click  HERE  to view "Sumi-e Hands 2021".


Click HERE to view all of Cliff's brush painting eBooks, and enjoy!


For information on purchasing the books below contact Takashi Ijichi, or call 619-255-2501, or check with Sensei during class.  Sumi-e by Ryuho (Takashi Ijichi) is available from Takashi in black and white or color or can be ordered at  Production of “Sumi-e by Ryuho” was by Society member Louise Rendich.

Sumi-e by Ryuho Takashi Ijichi

At the Desert’s Green Edge An Ethnobotany of the Gila River Pima illustrated by Takashi Ijichi

Rabbit in the Moon adapted from the Japanese fairytale illustrated by Takashi Ijichi and the students of the 2011 Wednesday class

Chieko and the Pine A Japanese Folktale by Steven Gregory Illustrated by Takashi Ijichi