Sumi-e Classes

The San Diego Community College Continuing Education summer session begins July 6, 2020 and ends August 15th. 


Registration materials for these FREE classes, including a personal class code, are available from the instructor.


NOTE: Classes are normally held at off-site locations and follow the calendar of the off-site location.

To view a pdf of the spring Class Schedule, Click HERE, then go to page 54 to view the Emeritus Program, Asian Brush Painting classes


To sign up for classes:

  1. In the San Diego Community College Continuing Education system students have to get a code from the instructor for online and paper registration.  Obtain a code from the instructor on the first day of class,  If using the paper registration, it needs to be to be filled out in part with the Class # and instructor provided code and signed by the instructor.

  2. For online registration, Click HERE to access San Diego Continuing Education, Emeritus Program web site.  Note: This link to class schedule can not be viewed unless you have completed the online application process.  Once on the web site, click on the "Class Schedule" link in the lower right to sign up for class, using the Course # and the code provided by the instructor to sign up for the class.

Select an item below for information on each Sumi-e instructor and their Class Schedule